Friday, 11 November 2011

Rich Female Successors Funny Picture & Funny Video Clips!

Ivanka Tramp (24) The daughter of the Billionaire Donald Tramp.

Actress Giulia Louis Dreyfus (45) - The daughter of the French Billionaire Gerard Louis Dreyfus.

Dilan Loren (31) - The daughter of the American designer of clothing Ralph Loren

Lydia Hurst (21) - The granddaughter of the media magnate Randolph Hurst.

Zhorzhina Blumbergom (23) with her dad - The mayor of New York Mayklom Blumbergom.

Erin Lauder (36) - The successor of the Queen of Cosmetic Esti Lauder.

Niki Hilton (22) - Junior Sister - The successor of the Hilton Hotels.

Paris Hilton (25) - Elder Sister - The successor of the Hilton Hotels.

Anna Anisimov (21) - The daughter of the Russian Billionaire Vasiliy Anisimov.

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